I feel like I am the happiest man alive whenever I am with London escorts



Being in love might be the most beautiful feeling in the world. a feeling that you never want to stop because you cannot live without the person now. In today’s time I am so happy that I finally found the woman for me. The woman who stays true with me. It is rare these days to find a woman who will be there for you at all times. Women that will never leave you through thick and thin. That kind of woman must be kept because you can never find another one like her. The day my Cheap London escorts said yes to me, and become officially her boyfriend I am so happy like I don’t want to end that day and stop the time to internalize everything she said to me. Though London escorts took it long to say that she loves me, because she also protects herself from the pain and ready her too to enter in a relationship. I am glad that she picked me to give a chance. She ignores all those guys because of me, and from that I become more motivated to show my love to her even more. She is just an ordinary woman but have high standards in terms of love. According to London escorts she doesn’t want to be wrong in picking a person in a relationship that is why it is okay to her to be single for a long time. London escorts shares to me that she doesn’t want to be like her mother who has crossed lots of men in her life just to have a partner. Unfortunately her mother is repeatedly hurt by men’s she encountered and she doesn’t want to become miserable like her. London escorts told me that she is better without a man in her life than being betrayed or abuse. I understand where her reasons came from; she had been through a lot in life because her mother chooses to find her own happiness than taking care of her. That is why I do not rush my London escorts in making a decision to me. I wanted this to be true, not out of pity or just to have a boyfriend without love. I supported my London escorts in those matters giving her enough time to think about everything. I still continue making her happy, and showing her my love. I am consistent in proving my love to her; I wanted her to know that my intentions are real. Because of her, I strive hard in everything. I strive to become a successful man to give her a better future. I want her to be proud of me and not regret of her decision at all. We are happy together and celebrating our 3rd year anniversary. I am so grateful that I am with a London escorts who is a good woman. A woman that is loyal and can be trusted.

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