It is funny how you forget certain things, but you never forget your first kiss.


When I first joined London escorts, I had almost forgotten my first kiss. But one day, this guy kissed me and it all came flooding back to me again. It was a special feeling, and I carried the feeling with my all that day at London escorts. My dates said that I kept walking around with a silly smile on my face. If I did, I was not aware of it. But i feel certain that I probably did as I could not get my first kiss out of my head that day.

Since that day at London escorts, I often spoken to my dates about their first kiss ,and asked them if they can remember it. It is kind of interesting, but just as many men as women, remember their first kiss. What makes it even more interesting, is that all of them describe it the same way. All of them describe their first kiss as a spark of energy that makes them tingle all over. It is really cute I think, and out of the many people I have met at London escorts, most of them have described it that way.

Perhaps it is this little spark of energy that makes our first kiss so special, and makes it stick in our minds. I have thought about it a lot recently, and I have realised that kissing is kind of very important to us.

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A lot of the people I date at London escorts do not kiss a lot. Most of them equate not kissing as a lack of affection or intimacy. I would agree with them, and I think that kissing is really important. Just like my date at London escorts, we kiss for many different reasons, but I would certainly say that I think kissing is affectionate.

It is amazing when you start to look around the world, how important the kiss is. At London escorts I meet lots of people from abroad, and they all treat the kiss a little bit different. My Dutch dates at London escorts, always kiss me three times before they leave. They tell me that third kiss is for good lick, and I think that is a nice idea. Recently, I have started to kiss all of my friends three times, and it seems to be working.

Kissing to be clever is a popular saying, and I love it. As a matter of fact, I have a little painting of two girls kissing at my boudoir at London escorts. On it, it says Kissing to be clever. Kissing is important, and since I had my amazing kiss here at London escorts, I have started to kiss more. Actually, I don’t care who I kiss. I kiss men and women, and it seems that most people do not mind. Sometimes, it feels good to kiss a girl, and why shouldn’t I kiss my girlfriends. I would after all like to show them affection, and let them know they are desirable.

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