The so-called porn stars at our West Ham escorts service have had loads of enhancements


Some of the girls here think they look pretty gross and I have to say that I would agree with them. It is obvious that they have had their lips down, and they just don’t look natural anymore. They all have those great big fats lips, and most of the girls here at VIP West Ham escorts agencies like, are completely natural. It is just like they don’t fit in somehow, and that is not good for business at all. It will be interesting to see how many dates they get. We have had some girls who claim to be porn stars join our West Ham escorts agency, and I think that they are way too over rated. Okay, they look sexy but I am not sure that they fit in.

Very few guys at our agency would probably be interested in dating porn stars, and they prefer regular West Ham escorts. The funny thing is, I cannot find these girls in any movies so perhaps their porn star careers were very short lived in more ways than one. Maybe they did not even get to be onset, some porn stars are just what they call bluffers. I am not so sure that local guys who use our West Ham escorts service, will be too turned on by them. The local guys around here are sort of classy and seem to want to meet classy ladies. There is no way they are going to want to date girls who look cheap or tarty in any way.

I am afraid that these so called top West Ham escorts do just that. I can personally now see what turns so men chaps away from enhanced women and all of the ladies here look really nice when compared to them. Really, these girls do just want to work as West Ham escorts as they do not have any other income. I am not intimidated by them and neither is any of the girls here at the agency. We are just going to take things a day at a time and see how they go. For now, they have only had a few dates and it seems that we regular girls are still more popular than they are.

If, they do last, it will be down to all of the foreign men who use our agency as I am sure the locals do not want to date that lot! Are they going to stay? I have these funny feeling that the so called porn stars careers at VIP West Ham escorts will be short lived. If, they last a couple of months they will be lucky but I am not so sure that they are even going to do that. I hate to say it, but I think the boss will be looking for some new West Ham escorts before too long, and that is all I have to say. Hopefully, he will try to recruit some regular girls next time, and that will be better for all of us.…

Date with a beautiful Chiswick escort

Being in a lasting relationship with a woman can be a difficult thing to do sometimes. It is not all love and tenderness all the time. Sometimes in a relationship, we experience tribulations and disappointments that you will not expect. After I graduated in college, I immediately worked on my business that I was dreaming for a long time. Without any experience in owning a business and even though the people who loved me said that I was moving too fast.


I did not listen to their advice. I am going to make it. Turns out about six months later my business failed. All my savings, time and effort all have gone. I felt like my parents were so disappointed in me. There’s no one I could talk to so I booked a Chiswick escort from It was the best experience I had in my life. She made me forget about the troubles and disappointments I had in the past. I felt great again. We talk for a long time every time can continue to develop feelings toward each other. I considered her my angel. She was the one who saved me and made me think I can have another chance in my dreams again. Some nights we would talk to the phone until we go to sleep. We also enjoyed a lot of things together.


We go a lot to the beach. Sometimes we go out and have a nice dinner together and enjoyed each other’s company. Finally, I could not hide my love for her anymore. I expressed my desire for her and wanted her to be my girlfriend. She was the one; she always makes me think that I could do the impossible. We were young and in love. I put my life back in order and started a company from scratch. I worked every day for twelve hours, and she was the only reason I could do it. I ultimately succeeded and now have a stable business that can sustain a family. I owe her everything good that has happened in my life. I married my Chiswick escort girl and now has a happy family with five kids. Although there are times that we fight and don’t agree with some things, like taking good care of the children. Where should our children go to school? My family is not accepting her as my wife and would not give her a chance. Financial problems, and the pressure of marriage. We would still find a way to make it work and find compromises to make each other happy. We love each other too much and can’t live without each other. I will always believe that she is my destiny and belongs together.…

Dating Escorts – Is it a bad habit?

I am not sure what has made my friend so much against dating escorts. Personally I have always enjoyed dating escorts, and where in I live in London, Greenwich, we have an excellent escort service. The girls are friendly as well as sexy, and I often like to treat myself to the company of one of the girls at our local escorts service in Greenwich like But my mate seems to think that it is a bad habit. Well, I am not going to let him in on my little secret.


It is not like I am addicted to dating escorts. Going out with my mates and chatting up girls in the local pubs here in Greenwich is something that I enjoy doing as well. But at the same time I find it hard work. I don’t know what has come over girls in recent years. A lot of the girls that I meet in pubs and bars around Greenwich can only be described as greedy. They expect you to pick up the tab for everything, and you really get very little in return. That is why I like to date escorts.


The beauty of escorts is that you can date different girls. Good quality agencies such as Greenwich escorts have got hot girls fro all around. I guess that I am a little bit kinky at the end of the day, and I love to hook up with exotic girls. Okay, sometimes it is nice go out with an English girl, but most of the time, I like to date foreign girls. You see, I love to spend time with girls who have got a bit of an accent when they talk to me. There are certain words which sound that little bit more exciting when they come from the red lips of a foreign escort.


Do I think that escorts are cheap? I am pretty sure that there are guys out there who think that escorts are cheap and nasty, but that is not the way I think about them. Okay, since I have been dating escorts, I have come across my fair share of sluts. But, I would not say that any of the girls that I have met from Greenwich escorts have been slut. If I was in the mood for slut, I would contact one of the escort agencies from just outside of Greenwich. There are still some cheap escort agencies in this part of London.


Most of the time, I hook up with one of the outcall escorts from the agency here in Greenwich on a Friday. I always have a couple of special girls in mind when I call Greenwich escorts. They happen to be the most popular girls at the escort agency, and may not be available. However, I know the staff really rather well now, and the girls on the reception can normally recommend some hot babe. So far, I have always enjoyed the company of all of the escorts in Greenwich, and I am pretty sure that is never going to change. Why stay at home on your own when you can enjoy the company of a Greenwich escort?…

London Escorts Services


When individuals wish to celebrate life, they think about one destination – London. Genuinely, this country has developed credibility as being the land that celebrates life. Its culture, cuisine, and individuals are the foremost factors to this success. When individuals want to celebrate life, they think about one location.


The London escort agency is an excellent example of businesses that have done well in London. These women offer services that go beyond companionship and customers’ satisfaction. Their nature helps them put with the needs of their clients first thus, making them the best Escorts in the world. Aside from being gorgeous companions, these girls are well-informed and can make your date very intriguing. London is brimming with numerous opportunities.


Aside from being a companion, and Escort girl also provide their service as brand ambassadors. Big companies frequently need brand ambassadors to promote their products and what much better way to promote brands that pertain to skin care, health and lifestyle than using escorts. Escorts are beautiful, and they have a proficiency in skin care products. Reputed brands that make skin care products require new faces to promote their new products locally and internationally.


An escort can be the new face that these brand names need. The health industry continuously requires people who are healthy and have a good sense of hygiene. The London escort organization is highly demanding, and London escorts have to look after their health and keep their physique to put up with the constant pressure of their work.


This requirement works as an advantage for escorts as it helps them to look good, remain healthy and find much better potential customers. The health industry provides numerous chances for individuals such as escorts. Brand names that have to promote their health care items can start trying to find these charms at several escort firms around London. Escort firms are the best location to hire escorts. These agencies charge constant rates that are affordable and competitive.


Apart from service requirements, escorts can fulfill the physical needs of their customers. Their ability combined with their charm leaves their customers begging for more. Travelers who visit London alone can make the most of their company and employ them for moving the location and checking out the private nightlife. Courtesan Mary is prompt and never misses appointments. The agencies make it a point that their escort reaches their customers on time whenever. Genuinely, all London escorts are hardworking people.


They supply services that satisfy their customer’s creativity and desires. These women are gorgeous, a lot that they would provide professional models a run for their loan. Their ability to look after the requirements of their private customers frequently leaves the customers begging for more. Amazed clients do tip them well for services offered. Nevertheless, they do value if they are treated with respect and high-end. Apart from their interests that are pointed out on their firm site, they enjoy being mystical and would expect that their customers discover some covert secrets about them. This quality could be the start of a lovely session of reality and dare.…

Our status is not a hindrance to our marriage and proves ourselves to anyone: said by the girls from West Midland Escorts

I was raised with a wealthy family and life is much comfortable as it is. I went to a private school and had everything I want in life. I never thought that one girl can change everything I believe in life. She was a daughter of our maids. I had known her late since I don’t have time visiting my maid’s area and I haven’t care them said by the girls from West Midland Escorts. She is kind and straightforward. She takes life with the faith of God. Always confident in facing life’s challenges. Unlike me, she was enrolled in public school and help her mother during her free time. I get to meet her when she’s doing, and one plate has broken. My mother was furious that she even scream to her. While her mother is asking for apology, I had seen the tears in her eyes that she keep holding on. I feel sorry for her. I followed her to maid’s room and asked for an apology. She bursts into tears while her mother comforts her. I thought of possible ways to make her happy. I have ordered a pizza, and we eat together said by the girls from West Midland Escorts of At least they feel okay now. We are in the same level of high school. She had thanked me for my concern, and I was happy for them too. She’s undeniably beautiful inside and out. Her school was near to ours, so I had realized to join her riding going to school. She was fun and a good companion. Sometimes, I visited her at her school and gave her foods. I know that her allowance was for her fair. Every time my mother prepared me snacks to bring to school, I have to make sure that it’s good for two said by the girls from West Midland Escorts. I love to see her smile and happy. We have been the best friend in our high school. We have both graduate and my gift to her was a necklace with our picture in it. My mom decided to enroll me in Paris for my cooking course, I have told her about it. It is also the times I have expresses my feelings to her. We made a promise to each other to finish college and married after. It was a long distance relationship, and we keep communicating. Years passed by, she graduated with honor in a public university and applied for a job here in Paris. I had helped her, and she was accepted said by the girls from West Midland Escorts. We are both professional now and have our wedding. We have proven that love isn’t about status but pushing oneself to become successful. We are now happily married and starting a family. And she was the best wife for me.…

Virgins have gone out of fashion

This guy I have been dating for a while at London escorts, asked me the other day why I think that there are so few virgins around. Being a virgin does not seem to be the in thing any more and I would have to agree with that. I don’t know anybody who is a virgin, and it seems people are looking for experience more than anything else. When I date at London escorts, I always get asked what kind of experience I have.

It seems that we are becoming more and more demanding. As far as I am concerned, we don’t want anybody to be novices at anything anymore. It is a bit like when I got this job for London escorts. So many girls think that they are going to become elite outcall escorts right away, but it is not going to happen. Just like in any other business, it really helps when you have at least a little bit experience. So many girls get the idea of outcall escorts completely wrong.

During my time with London escorts, I have met a lot of girls who think that escorting is all about looking sexy. It is really about much more than that and you really need to have rather a lot of life experience to make it big with London escorts. The girls who get involved with London escorts too early don’t really do that well. I simply think that they think they are going to make loads of money right away but it does not work like that.

It is a bit like the girls who think that they can join London escorts to be dominatrixes. Unless you have some experience of domination, it is not the job for you at all. You can do someone a lot of serious harm if you don’t know what you are doing. One of the gents I date at our London escorts service was injured by a girl who was new to domination. She hit up too hard with a whip and he ended up with a scar. That is not really what you want to happen to you.

I think the same thing applies to sex. We want to have sex with someone who has got some experience and will know how to satisfy us. I have been there myself, and I know that I would rather like to have sex with an experienced guy than a have sex with a virgin. It is a little bit like getting into a London Black Cab with a guy who has not taken the Knowledge. What would you rather do, go Uber or go with the Knowledge? I know what most girls at London escorts would do if they had a choice. Yes I have tried Uber, but it was not for me. I like a man or woman with experience that makes me feel good both and safe in their company. I am pretty sure that you would feel the same way.…

What would life be like without London escorts?

I love dating London escorts. Some guys think that they are going to get the ultimate sexy experience out of dating London escorts, but that is not really the way I see it. I think that we have forgotten about companionship and how important companionship can be. Perhaps I am very different, I enjoy dating the girls because they can offer me companionship. It does not matter what people say, companionship does make the world a better place.

Sure, it would be nice to experience the ultimate sexy adventure, but I find that is only a fleeting moment in time. Most of the girls I have met at escorts are happy to offer a much deeper experience. When I was younger, I never used to think too much about companionship, but now when I have hit my 50’s, I realise how important a good relationship can be. But as I am so busy, I don’t really want to commit to a partner. This is where London escorts come in.

All of the girls I have met at London escorts have had a heart of gold. They are nice and chatty, and seem to be genuinely interested in many things that life have to offer them. I know that not all London escorts are very well educated, but that does not matter to me. They are open minded and I enjoy sharing my life with the girls from London escorts. Sure, a long term partner would be great for me, but I have tried it, and it did not work out for me.

At the time, I was too busy setting up my own company. I am really dedicated to what I do, and fitting a personal relationship in, would be next to impossible. The end result would be a broken heart and I could not bear that. It is what happened to my mom as my dad worked all of the time, and in the end, they started to lead separate lives. It remember that very well, and I would not want to find myself in the same situation. Enjoying the feminine companionship of London escorts suits me fine.

Do I have any favorite London escorts? I do and we have kind of got to know each other over the years. A couple of the girls I started to date when I first got into escorts, are now mature London escorts. We have been through a lot of stuff together and I think that is good. It is nice to meet up with an just enjoy their company. Sometimes we don’t talk so much. We take in a show or go to the opera. After we have a chat, and on some days, we even just go shopping. Young London escorts are great too, but if you are looking for companionship, perhaps you should take a mature London escort out on a date. I am sure you will enjoy it, and there are some great girls you can hook up with here in London.…

My London Escort Experience

My London Escort Experience

I just flew over to London from my headquarters in South Asia to attend a business conference. I went to a restaurant for dinner on arriving, and it’s while there that I stumbled across a very attractive waitress. She was so attractive that she kind of made me horny and pushed me over the edge. I have had a very frustrating sex life; too much travel, and not enough time to meet people. Something just hit me that night and I needed a body to be close to.

I started lurking through the internet and contemplated about hooking up with a cheap escort in London. I followed through and scavenged the few dollars I had in my wallet (I had no plans to use my business credit card). I went through several escort agencies with Cheap escorts in London after searching online, and finally settled on one beauty with a very nice ass, great boobs and looks, and all at a cheap rate!

After booking an outcall, I also booked a hotel where I would later spend one of the best nights of my life. She was to arrive two hours later so I shaved, showered thoroughly, moisturized, ironed my best shirt, and got myself ready for an evening of fun.

I was full of with excitement as time flew by! At around 11pm, I heard someone fumbling at my door; I peeped through the keyhole and saw a brunette lady fidgeting outside, she’d arrived! Finally, she knocked and I welcomed her in.

My first thought when she came into the room was that she was very attractive, hotter than her pictures on the internet. She had massive boobs and looked extremely beautiful. I even kind of fumbled with my words when greeting her since I was nervous! She dropped her handbag on the bed, and texted her agency to say she had arrived.

I handed her a discrete envelope with the cash, and we began chatting; we conversed very well. She asked me what I do and where I am from. She really did a great job in bringing down the tensions and my nervousness. Finally, she sat next to me on my bed, and asked me what I really wanted. I replied that I wanted anything else (titty-fuck, blowjob, kissing!), but not sex. She then told me to calm down, and we began.

She helped me undress and lay me on the bed. I was in shock the moment she started. I really didn’t expect a simple blowjob to be this good! I was at a loss of breath the minute she started sucking my dick. I got so hard and she kept asking me not to cum. How I got to fuck her I really can’t tell. The fuck was so good that I felt like I would ask her to fly back to South Asia with me. It was really an exciting experience that positively changed my sex life.…